SAUDI ARABIA driving the growth for multi billion dollar Turbo Machinery & pumps industry in the Middle East
The outlook for Saudi Arabia’s energy sector has never been brighter or more secure. The high oil revenue environment has spurred a boom in both oil and non-oil development projects. Unlike previous investment cycles, the current round of investment projects is marked by heavy private sector participation with US$79 billion in private-sector energy projects under development. Private investment is expected to grow even further as the economy expands and the Saudi business environment continues to improve. Refining projects by private investors are also under consideration. In addition to direct energy-related investments the sector will be supported by an estimated US$140 billion in general infrastructure outlays including the Economic Cities and transport links. With the world’s largest oil reserves supported by a highly developed energy infrastructure, Saudi Arabia offers investment opportunities across the value chain in a number of energy and energy-related subsectors. These include: Crude Oil Refining, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power and Water, Mining and Metals Processing.Each of the above industry requires the use of Turbo machinery ,pumps and valves in abundance.


Who Should attend?

Executives from Companies involved in to manufacturing or providing services to
Turbo Machinery Solutions
Steam Turbines
Gas Turbines
Motor Drivers

  • The event has the support of major NOCs from the Gulf Region. Because The Middle East is the world's center of Turbo Machinery & Pumping activity.
  • The event will be led by engineers with vast experience in the petrochemical, process, chemical, utility, contractor, and consulting fields, along with manufacturers of rotating equipment and fluid-handling equipment from around the world.
Why Exhibits

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